Tilting pot / kettle with hemispherical tank

Bratt pan & Kettle

A tilting pot / tilting kettle to cook, blanch, brown and cool.

With or without mixing arm.

Capacity : 200 to 500 litres (consult us for larger capacity)

Steam heating double skin kettle with high heat exchange surface for an homogeneous and fast cooking.

Connection to direct network 6bar or integrated electric steam generator (power may vary upon capacity).

Tilting mixing arm for a better mixing (removable or tilting up options).

Digital screen to register recipes: time, bottom and side temperature, water inlet, mixing arm speed control.

Full drain at 700mm from the ground

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Tilting pot / kettle with hemispherical tank

Main Features

  • High resistance equipment.
  • Double skin tank with thermal protection.
  • Support pillars integrating all the components
  • Control panel mounted on the right pillar.

Strong points

Ease of maintenance
Large capacity

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