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Manufacturer of professional catering equipment

We provide cooking material, stainless steel supplies, self service counters, washing machine and many other stainless steel equipment.

Our materials are intended to prepare, to cook, to regenerate, to wash and we also provide self service solutions for:

We want to be your partner, with our quality and the performance of our production


Our history

Since 1955, we remain an independant and a family-owned business. We manufacture all our equipment in France.


Creation of CAPIC

Construction d’Appareils Professionnels et Industriels de Cuisson. (literally in english « manufacturer of professional cooking equipement »). At first the company was specialised in producing material for charcutier and delicatessen catering professionals and to the food processing industry.


Opening of the factory in Brittany (France)

This construction emphasized the CAPIC ambition to become a national and a global actor in the food equipment industry.


First range of cooking suit.

For more than 50 years, professionals have chosen CAPIC for its robust and high-quality equipments.


CAPIC attends exhibitions all over the world.

M. Caillarec, founder of the company, presenting a CAPIC product in an American trade fare dedicated to the cooking equipment.


Regional award for exportation performance.

CAPIC received in 1970 the silver price from Valery Giscard d’Estaing, the future French president.


CAPIC rewarded for its international sales.

M. Caillarec, founder of CAPIC, received the Cross of knight of the National Order of Merit for the international development of CAPIC.


Capic in Paris

In order to increase its brand awareness, CAPIC had chosen to create a showroom in Paris for several years.


Inauguration of the new factory

Opening of a new production facility gathering the two former plants.


CAPIC rewarded by CARSAT

One year after the moving, CAPIC was rewarded for the quality of its plant in terms of risk prevention.

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Some numbers

155 Employees
5747 Manufactured products in 2016
61 Countries delivered in 2016
746 tons of stainless steel used in 2016

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Sustainable developpement

Our commitment for more than 60 years.

Family-owned  and independent business, we care day after day for more than 60 years now about the sustainable development of our planet. To improve environmental quality and working methods.


  • Staff with many years of experiences within the company guarantee the quality of the social policy.
  • 3 apprentices and about 15 trainee ship each year.


  • Around 300 direct or indirect job creation in our area.
  • Product life time up to 10 years.
  • Reduced costs of after sales services and maintenance thanks to non captive components.
  • Focused on the continuous research of better components to improve the efficiency of our equipment and reduce customer’s electricity/gas bill
  • Research and development of “green products” like oven AC700, cooker chiller CR250.


  • In house selective sorting.
  • 95% : Average of the recycling rate of our material
  • Manufacture in France with limited trade flows to limit CO2 emissions.
  • Monthly measurements of our energy resources.
  • Reduction of disturbance for a better confort of our employees.
  • Compliance with the certifications Certigaz, GRDF (cf. plaquette).
  • Change on some of our manufacture processes to limit the impact on the environement  (selecting parts, suppliers sharing the same goal as we do).
  • Prototype project aiming for zero industrial discharge.
  • Recycling project of the wood palets and the carton packaging in partnership with our supplier.
  • Compliance with REACH regulation.


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