Cooker / Cooler: industrial cook-chill system

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Cooker chiller with tilting baskets for the food processing industries


Our range of quench and chill machines is adapted to the needs of the food processing industries for prepared meals


Industrial rice and pasta cooking machine to cook & chill

Blanching or cooking ingredients (rice, pasta, vegetables…) in boiling water in industrial kitchen, usually require a lot of labor, time and energy. The risk of kitchen accident are pretty high and having consistent results is not an easy task.



CAPIC Cook-n-Chill: the perfect automatic cooker-chiller

Cook Chill machine with tilting baskets for the food processing industries and blanching food

We took all these factors into account and the result is a Cooker Chiller which combines revolutionary performance with the best gastronomic traditions. Perfectly adapted for industrial kitchen and ideal for ready meal and airplane food appliance industry.

A multicooker which is so perfect that you can even cook notoriously difficult dishes without problems, including: pasta, rice, quinoa, vegetables and seafood.

Our kitchen equipment will, not only brings out the best of your product, but also facilitates their traditional cooking in water ensuring speed and safety of working cycles, constant product quality and also the best use of human resources.

The system requires minimum time for commissioning and the use of high quality materials and its high quality manufacture means minimal time on maintenance and repair of the system.



Process: How works the cooker cooler?

  • Step 1 : Complete Cooking Programming
    Our programmer will automatically control the cooking and cooling temperatures and timers according to your settings. Once you have set your recipe and launch your program, the Cooker Chiller will autonomously monitor the filling of the tanks.
    Pasta, Rice, Quinoa, Vegetables, Seafood…


  • Step 2 : Load Your Product Into Your Cooker
    Put the required amount of your product into the first tank which contains water heated to a predetermined temperature; then the system automatically cooks the product for a specified number of minutes. Cool down and prevent overcooking


  • Step 3 : Overturn Into Cooling Capacity
    At the end of the timer, an audible signal warns you that your product is cooked and you can start the automatic tilting of the basket by pressing the buttons. Product is then transferred to the cooling tank containing cold (or ambient) water to take the bulk heat out of the product and stop the cooking of the product for a predetermined time. Load again and repeat


  • Step 4 : Unload Into Receiving Container
    The operator only needs to unload the finished product into a trolley with the help of the same mechanism of tilting basket.



The choice of heating technology: electric or steam cooker chiller

Energy is the first criterion to consider and electricity and steam heating are usually in high demand. At CAPIC the choice is yours and we offer you both possibilities.

  • Electric heating
    Equipped with electrical resistance and conductance, our professional equipment will ensure an accurate heating temperature and homogeneous cooking with low heating lost


  • Stream heating
    With your steam network, our distribution system will raise the temperature smoothly, uniformly and faster, and ensure evenly heating of your products



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Since 1955 we started CAPIC to design and produce professional and industrial kitchen equipment for the food processing industries.

Our clientele consist of big food company and central kitchen that produce between 3,000 and 150,000 meals per day.

We have been committed to ensuring that our food processing machinery is perfect for readymade meals but also airline food, take-out catering activity and central kitchen that will pack and distribute their meals later on.

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