Cooker Cooler (cook-chill system) CR250

Cooker / Cooler: industrial cook-chill system


The cooker cooler CR250: an industrial rice and pasta cook-chill system


This cooker cooler is an automatic cook-chill system suitable for a small line of production to cook and chill pasta, rice, vegetables, seafood specialties…


The unit CR250 including a cooking tank and a cooling tank of 220 liters each.

Each tank is equipped of a perforated basket of 100 liters.

Perforation of 1.5 mm.

Electric, gas or steam heating.

Cooling tank to be connected to the cold water network

Control by the touch screen to manage the recipes.

You can easily cook and chill pasta, rice, vegetables, seafood, quinoa, leguminous plants…


An infographic about the cooker cooler CR250 to easily understand how it works and how it will improve your production

Cooker cooler CR250 infographic


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Cooker Cooler (cook-chill system) CR250

Main Features

  • Robust stainless steel equipment.
  • Electric tilting of the baskets.
  • Cooling tank with manual or automatic drainage valve.
  • Control by touch screen on equipment or wall mounted.

Strong points

Perfect hygiene
Ease of maintenance

How it works?

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