French Cooking Suite

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French Cooking Suite for the commercial catering

For more than 50 years now, Capic is the partner of the restaurants in France and abroad. Our French Cooking Suite ranges (700 – 800 – 900 – 1000 – Elite: Our Bespoke Luxury Range) are designed for all type of catering: restaurants, brasseries, cafeterias, small and staff canteens, refectories, catering services…

We design and create an extensive range of suites tailored to your needs! How to combine the performances of a large range with compact dimensions? Hygiene, ergonomics, robustness, sustainable development, security and performance, this is the combination of our stoves.

A custom-made French Cooking Suite with everything you need

Open Burners, Automatic Pan Detection, Gas Solid Top, Cast Iron Plate, Capichef, Electric Cooking Plate, Electric Solid Top, Neutral, Bain-Marie, Multi-Use Pan, Griddle, Plancha, Fryer, Smart Fryer, Salting, Pasta Cooker, Radiant, Induction, Heating Drawers, Automatic Pot on Pan Detection System, Static Oven, Convection Oven, Refrigerated Cupboard, Refrigerated Drawers, Direct Heat Kettle, Steam Kettle, Indirect Heat Kettle, Bratt Pan, Multipurpose Bratt Pan, Cantilevered Kettle, Cantilevered Bratt Pan, Cantilevered Wall Mounting Kit, Cantilevered to a Stainless Steel Mechanically Welded Stucture, Salamander… Everything is thought to meet your expectations!

CAPIC is well-known for its ability to be flexible in terms of production. Throughout the world we have built customised ranges of equipment specific to the client’s needs. Tell us what you need and we have the know-how and technology to produce it. We can also change the layout of our standard unit to set in specific areas such as cruise ships, submarines, trains…

With our French cooking Suite, our passion for perfection is your best warranty!

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