800 range single piece top : Capichef


French Cooking Suite

Maximum efficiency in a minimum space: 1.5 m²

Especially designed for the commercial catering from 30 to 100 covers. Single piece 3mm thick top, dimension: 2,000x836x270.This Capichef is not scalable but it can be fitted on different kind of base: stand, open or closed cupboard, drawer, oven, refrigerated cupboard.

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800 range single piece top : Capichef

Main Features

  • Compact piece, 3mm thick top.
  • Stainless steel grill.
  • Solid top on firebricks.
  • Plancha: heating element under the plate.
  • Elongated resistor (productivity: + 30%) under the plancha and the fryer.
  • Ease of maintenance, cleaning & installation.
  • Single piece top: no infiltration of grease or cleaning product between the devices.
  • Removable cleanliness tank under the open burners which are machine washable.
  • Large draining gully for water around the plancha. Drawer for grease. Drawer of cleanliness under the two open burners.

Strong points

Easy to use

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