Cooking Chamber 45

Cooking Chamber

For pasteurising, steaming, cooking and smoking

Capacity : 1 to 2 trolley(s) depending on 6 to 10 levels. with grills of 600×800.
Dry heating 30 or 36 kW depending on installation.
Steam production(opional) depending on the application.
Dual speed, high performance ventilation system with vertical air flow.
Maximum temperature of 130°C.

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Cooking Chamber 45

Main Features

  • Construction in modular pannels.
  • Rigid floor to limits distortions.
  • Entry and exit doors depending on installation.
  • Dual speed, high performance ventilation system(with turbine for each trolley) with vertical air flow.
  • Automatic managment of the cooking process by programs controler

Strong points

Perfect hygiene
Ease of maintenance

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