CAPIC – Blending Innovation with Experience

CAPIC literally stands for Construction d’Appareils Professionnels et Industriels de Cuisson (Manufacturer of Professional Cooking Equipment). We are an established manufacturer supplying the catering industry since 1955, and our dedication to performance at the highest standards has never changed. At CAPIC, our approach is to blend our years of expertise in the field with state-of-the-art research and technology.

Our company is proudly and independently family-owned and run, and therefore we stake our reputation on our best business practices. Our ranges include full tailor-made cooking suites, self-service solutions, and a host of other stainless steel apparatus. We even manufacture washing machines! In addition, we believe in patriotism and construct all our equipment in France!


Our New Factory!

In 2016, CAPIC proudly presented the inauguration of our vast new factory in Quimper, which merged together our two former plants. Our current buildings were built in accordance with the 2012 RT standard, ensuring comfortable working conditions for our employees. The CAPIC management has made a conscious effort to adopt responsible and sustainable plans and strategies that respect the environment, employees and our customers. The modern facility upgrades have extensively improved the look, feel and image of the company, and customers now genuinely enjoy their visits!



As a SME manufacturing company, we realise that we incur a responsibility regarding the ethical and sustainable development of our environment and planet. So, we have advanced some of our manufacturing processes to limit our impact on the environment. We always take this into account when selecting parts, and suppliers who share the same vision as we do. We also engage in in-house selective sorting, and are proud of the 95% average recycling rate of our material.

We manufacture everything locally, thus limiting trade flows, as well as our carbon footprint and CO2 emissions. Monthly measurements are taken regarding our energy resources, and we initiated a prototype project launch which aims for zero commercial discharge. We also have various recycling projects in place in partnership with our supplier regarding carton packaging and wood pallets, etc.


CAPIC has a social policy set up for both long-existing staff and new members. We are responsible for providing employment for around 300 direct and indirect employees including boilermakers, welders-polishers and electro-technical fitters. We also try to take on three apprentices and approximately 15 traineeships per year. Plus, the current production site has pollution collection systems, such as welding fume and dust extraction systems that ventilate the workshop. Efficient flow control and thermal insulation have further improved the working comfort of our employees.



We focus on continuous research into quality components to improve equipment efficiency that reduces customer’s electricity and gas charges. We also aim for reduced cost of maintenance and after-sales service thanks to our flexible components. In addition, our products are constructed to serve a lifetime duration of at least ten years.



CAPIC worked with a team of experts so that the new workshop and office space design took into account noise level treatments. Professional kitchens are manufactured and assembled here, after all! Our goal was overall disturbance reduction, and the facility features insulation materials and sound absorption partitions which control acoustics. We also solicited advice on lighting adaptation arrangements, and installed multiple large windows to let in as much natural light as possible.

Another technical optimisation improvement in the new industrial complex was equipping each of the 18 welding booths with a roller bridge, so staff are spared from carrying heavy loads. Lifting systems were also created to reduce handling even further.

The warehouse houses the company’s employees in secure workstations, and provides a working environment that is comfortable and welcoming. The production area is well organised and structured, facilitating the smooth movement of dispatch vans for production in France and abroad.


Awards and Certifications

In 2017, CAPIC received an Acanthe Gold award from Carsat Bretagne for our exemplary new production plant design in terms of risk prevention. Carsat promotes companies that integrate occupational risk prevention into the premises design, including during the construction phase.
CAPIC follows compliance with various certification and regulation bodies such as REACH, Certigaz, GRDF.


Sustainable Green Products

CAPIC enforces sustainable development concepts which improve general working conditions, minimises energy costs and lowers water consumption. Some of these product examples are our AC700 combi oven and CR compact cooker/cooler. The CR compact design also ensures handling of heavy and hot loads by the operator is avoided. The appliances excel in their economical blueprint budget, while producing perfect and consistent final results.

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