Oven AC 700


Combi Oven: Commercial Mega-capacity Combi Ovens at CAPIC

The Mega-Capacity Combi Oven


Our combination oven capacity of 2 trolleys 20 levels GN 2/1 to simplify your work. Less manipulation, easier batch tracking, homogeneity guaranteed, all this is possible thanks to the AC700.
Based on our know-how in the food processing industry sector, this oven benefits from the latest technologies of control cooking, traceability with CAPIC manufacturing quality. Check the video of AC 700

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Oven AC 700

Main Features

  • Exceptional capacity: 2 GN2 / 1 trolley. 16 to 20 levels, for 40 GN2 / 1 tray or 80   GN1 / 1 tray.
  • Energy saving: 95 kW installed (compared to 125/140 kW for 2 conventional ovens).
  • Savings in installation and maintenance: 1 unit instead of 2.
  • Small footprint: Only requires 2.5 m² on the ground.
  • Electric heating: By circular heating elements arranged around stainless steel turbines allowing a distribution of horizontal hot air.
  • Moisture Production: The required low-pressure steam is instantly produced by an automatic water level generator.
  • Automatic cleaning: from the cooking chamber to a conical nozzle.
  • Option: Cooling system

Strong points

Perfect hygiene
Ease of maintenance

How it works?

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