Industrial Combi Oven


An industrial mega-capacity combi oven: AC700 is tailormade for big production and reliable

The AC700 combi oven has been specially designed for the food processing industries and large capacity central kitchens in search of efficiency and performance. Responding to the needs for increased production capacity, our commercial combi oven has a capacity of 2 GN2 / 1 trolleys (530 mm x 650 mm) with 20 levels and a temperature set to 250°C.

This significant capacity makes it an economical choice of equipment to purchase, in addition to being reliable and efficient.


Heat treatment methods: different cooking modes

steaming, blanching, simmering, vacuum cooking, thawing, roasting, gratinating, glazing


Dry air cooking mode

In dry cooking mode, powerful heating elements heat up the air around your food. The temperature can be set anywhere from 30°C to 250°C. You can even limit the cooking cabinet humidity if necessary. Possible cooking methods include roasting, grilling and gratinating.

Steam Mode

This function allows slow cooking for preserving the product quality and vitamins. The steam generator creates hygienic fresh steam. The cooking cabinet temperature can be set from 30°C to 100°C. Cooking methods include steaming, stewing, blanching, simmering, vacuum cooking, preserving and pasteurizing.

Combi Steam Mode

This combination oven creates a hot, humid cabinet climate especially for intensive cooking. You can set the cooking cabinet temperature from 30°C to 250°C. You can also adjust the cooking cabinet climate if necessary. This mode allows for better coloration and accentuates the taste of foods, whilst improving the output as it preserves the moisture in your produce. Cooking methods include roasting and finishing.


Combi oven settings options

Temperature setting

The operator can control the temperature of the cooking either by setting an ambient temperature or by the core temperature of the product (via a core probe).

Time setting

Cooking time can be set in minutes and seconds. It is also possible to delay the start of the cooking process to the desired time.

Drying mode

Drying is the process of removing the moisture content in the foods.

Hygrometric setting

You can control it either by the frequency of the steam injection in the cooking chamber or by the percentage of humidity (at a temperature lower than 100 C°).

Cool down function

Ideal if you have been operating your appliance at a high temperature and now want to lower the cabinet temperature for the next batch if you want to change the cooking method.


A heat treatment that considerably increases food storage times. It destroys almost all microorganisms and pathogenic forms so you can keep your produce for longer.


Integrated Cooking Programs with a 7-inch touch screen

A smart box with cooking programs integrated

The AC700 combi oven allows the creation of 100 recipes. Each recipe includes up to 10 different steps which can all be saved via a USB backup, so you’ll always have a record of them. It’s an intuitive control panel concept with easy-to-read symbols which make it user friendly.

The maintenance display will allow you to view the live report of any faults or messages regarding the functioning of the oven including door opening, motor faults, heater faults, etc).

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Main Features

  • Exceptional capacity: 2 GN2 / 1 trolley. 16 to 20 levels, for 40 GN2 / 1 tray or 80 GN1 / 1 tray.
  • Electrical installation: 95 kW installed (compared to 125/140 kW for 2 conventional ovens), only a small electricity meter is needed.
  • Savings in installation and maintenance: 1 unit instead of 2.
  • Small footprint: Only requires 2.5 m² on the ground.
  • Electric heating: By circular heating elements arranged around stainless steel turbines allowing a homogeneous distribution of horizontal and hot air.
  • Detachable core probe: Have a better control on the quality of your products.
  • Pasteurization application: Achieve food preservation and food safety.
  • Extraction: Combi ovens can produce a lot of steam and heat, so it’s vital to have sufficient overhead extraction

Strong points

Perfect hygiene
Ease of maintenance

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