Bratt pan type 100 for food processing

Bratt pan & Kettle

Bratt pan type 100 for the food processing

For browning and frying meats, vegetables and also for cooking.

Tank surface : 1 m² (1 640 X 700 mm).

Total volume of the tank : about 300 litres (depht 310 mm).

Heating by electric elements.

Digital control panel deported on the side of the right tank

Control of temperature : bottom of tank, bath and core probes

Counterbalanced lid.

Unloading at 700mm from the ground in a 200litres recovery european tray.

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Bratt pan type 100 for food processing

Main Features

  • High resistance equipment.
  • Bimetalic bottom of 12mm.
  • Support pillars integrating all the components
  • Control panel mounted on the right pillar.

Strong points

Large capacity

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