Bratt pan type 100


Bratt pan & Kettle

The “must have” bratt pan made by CAPIC!

Bimetalic bottom of 12 mm thick, gas burners, reinforced chassis structure, everything has been done so that you have a reliable, ergonomic and hygienic bratt pan. Our high quality components and attention to details allows us to ensure you a perfect cooking and real comfort at work.

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Bratt pan type 100

Main Features

  • Bottom made out of BIMETAL 12mm (9 + 3) thick, with electric tilting that stops in all positions.
  • Adjustable base for draining at 400 mm from the floor as an option.
  • Lid operated by electric cylinders and designed for cooking or saturated steam reducing weight loss and energy costs.
  • CW / HW power supply by fixed discharge.
  • Process management and temperature regulation by probes in the bottom, sides and core.

Strong points

Perfect hygiene
Ease of maintenance

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