How a single oven can upgrade your kitchen


The oven is the heart of the kitchen, and let’s face it, the type of oven you possess makes all the difference in how your meals ultimately turn out. Many of us have dreamed of owning that big, fancy magical oven that transforms all of our food fantasies into reality! You would have the freedom to try out new recipes, and it just makes the whole process so much easier and streamlined. Owning a good standalone oven definitely upgrades your whole cooking experience.


A quality single industrial oven is a major asset for any food and catering company, as well as any kitchen that needs to cater in bulk. It makes more sense to invest in a single oven which handles all cooking processes, instead of a double oven or multiple ovens. A single combi oven is way more convenient and economical as it takes up less space, is energy saving and less maintenance. How beneficial would it be to have just one oven which produces all major cooking methods, functions, settings and modes?!


Capic’s Industrial Combi Oven AC700 is a real workhorse in the kitchen and is the answer to all of your oven dreams. This impressive industrial oven is top of the range in terms of quality standards and productivity. It handles food production on a massive scale effortlessly. This commercial combi oven is high performance, strong, efficient and reliable. It translates into being the most economical and convenient choice for food industry people. This spacious oven boasts a large capacity, multiple trays, and has a temperature setting that reaches all the way up to 250°C. The Capic AC700 commercial combi oven contains 20 levels of 2 GN2/1 trolleys (530 mm x 650 mm).


Another remarkable feature of Capic’s Industrial Combi Oven AC700 is integrated smart touch screen technology. The 7-inch touch screen panel comes complete with pre-programmed cooking programs, and recipe creation potential of 100 dishes! The touchscreen itself is user-friendly and intuitive, making use of straightforward symbols. In addition, you can save each recipe of up to 10 steps via USB! Another valuable feature is the display which provides live maintenance report messages regarding any faults of the oven functioning – including heater, motor and doors.


Methods of heat treatment of a combi oven


Cooking methods:

Roasting, steaming, simmering, blanching, glazing, thawing, gratinating, vacuum cooking.


Different heating modes


Dry air cooking mode

The food gets cooked by heated air generated from powerful heating elements which surround the food. The temperature can be set anywhere between 30°C to 250°C. The possible cooking methods here include grilling, roasting and gratinating.


Steam mode

The steam generator generates fresh, hygienic steam which facilitates a slower cooking process. The steam mode function is perfect for preserving the freshness, health, and vitamins in food items. The temperature in this mode ranges from 30°C to 100°C. Cooking methods include steaming, simmering, stewing, blanching, preserving, pasteurizing and vacuum cooking.


Combi steam mode

This is a combination mode which produces a hot and humid environment conducive to intensive cooking. This mode is beneficial for conserving the moisture content in foodstuffs, thus preserving the taste and colour. The cooking cabinet climate is adjustable and ranges from 30°C to 250°C. This mode handles roasting and finishing like a pro.


Settings options


Temperature setting: The temperature can be controlled either by setting the core temperature via the core probe, or through ambient temperature.

Time setting: The cooking time setting is in minutes and seconds. There is also a handy time delay feature which can be set to the desired time.

Hygrometric setting: The operator has the option to control the amount of humidity created by the frequency of the steam injection or by adjusting the humidity percentage, at temperatures of lower than 100°C.

Drying mode: This process allows you to remove the moisture content inside your oven.

Pasteurization: This heat treatment eliminates most of the pathogens and microorganisms from food, thus vastly improving the longevity of the items and increasing food storage times.

Cool down function: This mode is useful if you were previously operating your appliance at an extreme temperature, and wish to lower the oven’s temperature to cook something else, or want to change the cooking method for a new batch.


Main features


Exceptional capacity: 2 GN2/1 trolley. It contains 16 to 20 levels for 40 GN2/1 tray or 80 GN1/1 tray.

Electric heating: Stainless steel turbines provide a structure for the circular heating elements, producing an even distribution of hot and horizontal air current.

Electrical installation: Only a small electricity meter of 95 kW is needed when installed, compared to 125/140 kW for two conventional ovens.

Detachable temperature core probe: This will give you better temperature precision and control, thus improving the quality of your products.

Pasteurization application: This ingenious function allows for maximum food preservation and food safety.

Small footprint: The appliance doesn’t take up much space in your kitchen or food preparation area, only requiring 2.5m² of space.

Extraction: Appliance comes with overhead extraction facilities which are vital, as combi ovens can produce an abundance of heat and steam.

Installation, maintenance and energy saving: You save in all areas on account of it being a single unit, instead of double or multiple units.


Capic are the specialists in providing quality industrial food equipment to the food and catering industry. Capic has you covered with its strong and sturdy industrial oven range.

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