Ghost kitchen and ghost restaurants: New business models

Despite ghost kitchen and ghost restaurants spooky name, they are not haunted kitchens where ghosts prepare the meals! They represent a new type of business model for professional caterers, which is adapted to our modern lifestyle. Outsourcing has recently become extremely viable for many restaurants with regards to their direct and delivery orders. This is due to online requests, as well as the pandemic which necessitates the need for no contact meals. So, we now witness work areas being created in dedicated and decentralised kitchens which handle meal preparation for the restaurant. Let’s lift our “spirits” by venturing further into the catering world of ghosts…


Let’s take a look at the different new kitchen models

What is a ghost kitchen?

One operator will manage a remote kitchen which is dedicated to delivery only. The food produced here is connected with one or more brands. This ghost kitchen does not cater direct to the public, as there is no dining room. There are, however, production areas equipped with commercial catering machines for large-scale catering.

What is a ghost restaurant?

A ghost restaurant is a catering service that serves customers through delivery exclusively, through online or telephone orders. They do not make use of a dining area.

What is a dark kitchen?

This is where one area of the restaurant kitchen is assigned to the production and management of home food delivery services.

What is a cloud kitchen?

In this scenario, the same kitchen is shared by several caterers. Even though the multiple restaurateurs co-exist in a common work environment, they are still independent of each other.

What is a virtual kitchen?

These are kitchens which handle the manufacture and delivery of meals produced under the license or franchise of another brand.

Ghost kitchen global trends

The “ghost phenomenon” has really taken off across the world, thanks to the evolution of numerous online food distributors and aggregators. Consumers really appreciate the convenience of delivery apps and services, which provide an impressive selection of restaurants and types of food. After all, people love dining in just as much as dining out! Since 2020, with the spread of the Coronavirus, sadly many operators have been facing closures. They have had to turn to web applications in order to expand their reach to home delivery services in order to keep afloat. Therefore, in the last few years, we have seen massive growth in the food delivery sector.

Here are a few interesting statistics regarding food delivery services:

  • In 2015, the US food delivery market was worth $8.7 billion
  • In 2020, the US food delivery market was worth $26.5 billion
  • By 2025, the US Food delivery market is projected to be worth $42 billion

This means that the food delivery revenue has increased by 204% in the past five years!

Ghost kitchen advantages

Nowadays, caterers are finding that the only way to maintain active contact with their customer base is via delivery. By creating a brand which is solely dedicated to delivery of their product, restaurants exploit the resources they already possess. For those of us working in the food processing industry, we would be wise to capitalise on this new direction going forward.

The ghost business system holds the following advantages:

  1. Offset labour costs, kitchen space, and overhead expenses
  2. Adherence to Covid health regulations with the no contact rule
  3. Find innovative solutions to Covid closures
  4. An increase in turnover
  5. Decrease in food wastage
  6. Testing out new concepts

How to create a ghost kitchen or ghost restaurant?

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Capic and the ghost

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