AC700 – Combi oven

Benefits of cooking in steam-convection oven


Even though the revolutionary technology behind steam convection ovens is relatively new, it has quickly become very popular in the food industry. Chefs and other professionals have adopted steam-convection engineering, and rely on its versatility and efficient performance standards. It is an absolute blessing for industrial and commercial usage, such as mass kitchens, restaurants, hotels and hospitals.


Let’s break it down


Convection cooking:

Works through the process of circulating heated air current by fans, which result in even cooking results in a fast time frame.


Steam cooking:

Operation is through a water reservoir which the oven’s heating elements transform into steam, which cooks the food.


What is a steam convection oven?


A steam convection oven combines convection cooking and steam cooking together. A steam convection oven is also known as a combi or combination oven.


Advantages of steam cooking

Most people have heard about the numerous advantages extolled through steaming your food. Steaming is a gentle way to prepare food. It retains the moisture content, thus preserving vital vitamins and minerals. Steaming simply offers multiple nutritional benefits, and is the healthiest cooking option out there.


Advantages of convection cooking

The circulating heat of convection allows for high temperatures and speedy cooking times. It is also a great method for browning meats.


Advantages of steam and convection together

A high-quality combi oven combines the best features of steam and convection cooking together seamlessly. There are a myriad of benefits here – when you have a balance of both worlds! In other words, circulating convection heat and steam combine to create the dishes. Therefore, meals are cooked fast and evenly while still retaining all of their nutrients, resulting in the perfect end result!


Steam heating preserves the nutrients in food and protects its natural colour. Another healthy added effect is eliminating the need to cook with oil. You can cook your product using high heat and moisture control. For example, you can cook with extreme heat and 100% relative humidity, without excessive drying out or burning food products. You ultimately maintain the ideal atmosphere and environment, as the humidity in the chamber is fully adjustable.


Convection ovens cook faster than normal ovens, so food preparation times are cut down. There is therefore less electricity output and energy usage. Convection cooking actually also protects the moisture in foods better than traditional ovens.


With a combi oven, the operator has complete control and precision over the whole cooking process, since you control both the temperature and humidity. You are able to cook at lower temperatures, resulting in less instances of burning, overcooking and product degradation. Your food retains full flavour whilst reducing product shrinkage. Overall, this translates to better cooking and baking results!


The proof is in the eating!


Roasts: Roasts turn out succulent, tender and full of flavour. No more wasting away!

BBQ chicken: Appealing final result, product is larger as it retains its size. The meat gets cooked all the way through homogenously. No more burned on the outside, raw on the inside!

Steaming: Produces veggies that are bursting with flavour, vitality and colour! No more limp, over-cooked vegetables that have been leeched of their nutrients.


Business benefits owning a commercial combi oven


  • You save in all areas: Ultimately saves on installation, maintenance, energy, and food bills.
  • Consistently exceptional cooking results!
  • Easy to maintain and clean, hygienic.


Capic industrial combi oven AC700

Capic introduces the Industrial Combi Oven AC700, which is a high-performance commercial oven with multiple advanced features, settings and modes. Designed and constructed for handling high-volume production effortlessly, this industrial oven streamlines the whole cooking process for you, making cooking easy. It is high capacity, strong and sturdy, economical and energy efficient. The AC700 commercial combi oven is top of the range in terms of capacity, convenience and reliability factor. Experiment with dry air cooking mode, steam mode, and combi steam mode. There are many other outstanding features to explore such as pasteurization, hygrometric setting and cool down function. In addition, it features integrated smart touch screen technology with pre-set menu recipes and more! This heavy-duty industrial oven comes with overhead extraction facilities as well.

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