Stainless steel kettle

Bratt pan & Kettle

For all broths, soups, sauces, creams, dishes in sauces, …

Capacities 150, 235, 345 and 500 liters.
Heating: direct heating or bain-marie.

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Stainless steel kettle

Main Features

  • Capacities 150, 235, 345 and 500 liters.
  • 3 mm top and the tank is welded on the top.
  • Lined lid (except 345 and 500 L) and balanced hinges.
  • Drain tap. Removable strainer (for 150 and 235 L).
  • CW / HW supply by fixed taps controlled on the front panel.

Strong points

Perfect hygiene
Ease of maintenance

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