Dishwasher Line EL


A digital electronic washing machine for catering

A washing machine for catering: Stainless steel body and double Skinned door. Integrated tank. Auto-cleaning vertical washing pump. Double filtering. Auto-cleaning washing arm. Incorporated washing products measure. Digital Readout of the temperature. Rinsing controlled by thermostop system. Connection of water input from 15 to 55°C. Pressure from 2 to 4 bars.

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Dishwasher Line EL

Main Features

    • TT model :
    • The machine is equipped by the CRP system.
    • The system is provided by an open superheater supplied by a plug tank and a suction rinsing pump instead of a pushing pump.
    • Thanks to the CRP system, the rinsing water pressure and the capacity are always constant.
    • The rinsing quality is optimal.
    • Double skinned door in order to limit the noise and the heat loss.


    • TT REC model : Ideal model for hospitals Characteristics : EL standard model + TT + TT REC
    • Heat recuperator.

    Energy consumption is reduced by 25% and the steam at the openning of the bonnet is eliminated.

Strong points

Ease of maintenance

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