What is a bratt pan?


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A bratt pan is a heavy-duty industrial cooking appliance that can perform multiple functions: boiling, steaming, stewing, simmering, roasting, poaching, braising, shallow frying and deep frying. They all possess a tilting feature, which is either electrically or hand operated. Bratt pans are typically found in commercial establishments where mass catering is required such as restaurants, canteens, hospitals and schools.


The term ‘bratt pan’ stems from the German word for fry – ‘brat’. Bratt pans contain rectangular deep pots with counter-balanced lids which you can pull down. The heating source is powered through gas or electrical means.


Capic has a wide range of high-performance, professional bratt pans which are perfect for all-purpose food processing.


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Capic boasts an extensive range of quality commercial bratt pans to suit your specific requirements. All machines in the range boast sizeable tank capacities. These tanks are welded instead of stamped for added strength, support and safety. Double layered metallic bottoms provide maximum stability. Other valuable features include counterbalanced lids, rock-solid burners, water level and temperature control, as well as effective drainage systems and safety valves.


Capic also patented a new electrical heating body which is exceptionally high performance. Each high-resistance appliance sports an efficient ergonomic design constructed from strong stainless steel materials. The bratt pan equipment is specifically constructed to handle high volumes in a speedy fashion, while utilising significantly limited energy consumption. Plus, all Capic bratt pan machines are designed with easy service and maintenance in mind.




In short, a bratt pan’s superior versatility allows for the effective replacement of various other heavy kitchen equipment items. In addition, they are used to prepare a vast variety of foods. Even though bratt pans are generally catering appliances that handle large-scale food preparation, they can still save a vast amount of space when compared to multiple individual appliances which carry out limited kitchen functions.


Whether you’re browning off meats with an open lid, cooking veggies, simmering soups or sauces, braising or blanching – bratt pans can do it all with their multi-cooking temperature modes!




Since the entire cooking process takes place in the spacious pan, you can simply just tilt the pan via electric motor or hand crank. Any remaining food gets effortlessly removed ready for cleaning utilising the central spout which most bratt pans will have. Scrape out any stubborn frying residues and wipe excess grease from the pan using a paper kitchen towel. Hot water can be poured onto baked-in deposits to let them soak.


Then use cleaning detergent, scouring sponge or brush and hot water on outer and inner surfaces and lids followed by a rinse. The bratt pan is designed to be an all-round time saver! Therefore, cleaning and general maintenance is much easier than other large scale equipment. In addition, their stainless steel construction makes them especially hygienic machines.




Depending on the model you select, the bratt pan will either have an electric motor or hand crank tilt pan operation. Capic models make use of a double-skinned lid containing a peripheral seal which is controlled electrically, but can also be opened manually in the case of a power outage.




Certain models have sturdy support pillars which integrate all of the interface components. They come standard with a built-in digital control panel located on the pillar next to the tank. The digital display controls functions such as the registering of recipes, time, temperature, water inlets, etc.




Capic has a tilting kettle model available which has a hemispherical tank that comes with or without a mixing arm. The tilting mixing arm (removable or tilting up options) provides better mixing capabilities. This appliance is used to cook, brown, blanch and cool. The kettle is operated through steam heating, and contains a double layer with a high heat exchange surface providing uniform and rapid cooking results.


The heating connection is direct to the network or through an integrated electric steam generator. The machine boasts a large tank capacity of 200 to 500 litres, but you can consult Capic for larger capacities. There is also a digital control panel which operates multiple tasks, including the mixing arm speed control.

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