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« Only one programmable multi-purpose electromechanic card »

From the end of September 2018, Capic will install this new card on all the equipment with digital functions : Fryers, multi-cooking and multi-purpose bratt pans, kettles with digital regulation and all the Pilote range, pasta cookers and GN1/1 and GN2/1 bain-maries (if thermostat regulation and automatic water level are chosen as option).
Strengths: only one card reference for various uses, an accessible price, an easy inter-connexion and a backward compatibility insured thanks to a standardisation as any other manufacturer done it!
Never let a final customer with a broke down machine : For example, a thermostat probe is breaking down, put the bratt pan in energy dispenser mode without pull off the card – the time to receive the spare part. Pull off a card on a fryer to install it on a kettle or on a bratt pan.
Buying only one card reference for all your devices, manage your costs and intervention lead times in your maintenance contracts. This new component allows you to be more flexible and to win the loyalty of all your customers.



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