How to clean a professional plancha/griddle

Cleaning Your Plancha



Which Tools?


Hello, today I am going to show you how best to clean the chrome stainless steel plancha. As always, in order to get the best results it is necessary to have good quality tools. The first tool I have here is a stainless steel ball. You have to be careful when using this one not to scold your hands with the boiling water! Next we have a metal stamp with a sponge inside which also conducts heat easily so definitely don’t use it while the plancha is hot. There are also some scrapers for barbecues but not suitable for the plancha, I personally use the Gex Buffer. There are also 2 blade scrapers one with a very fine razor blade and the other one with a thicker, non-cutting blade. We will also test the difference between cleaning with water and with ice.


Scraping Technique


To start I use the razor blade scraper. It works most effectively when hot. The best technique is to hold the razor at 30 degree angle and gently scrape, don’t attack too violently or you may scratch the plate. Apply even pressure all over the plate, you should see a difference in colour of the plate immediately.



Ice or Water


I will now show you the difference between using an ice cube and using just water. If you use an ice cube it will cool the plate and you can get a glimpse of what it looks like underneath the charring without really rubbing, however it’s a slower process. In order to get the best results you will likely still need to use a sponge after the ice cube as well. Using boiling water gets the same results as ice cubes but works a little faster.

To finish off the cleaning process I use a sponge set in metal. In order to do this the plate must first cool down. It is very important at this point to make sweeping arc shapes over the plate as if you just go backwards and forwards you will create a striped pattern on your plate.




You may notice that there is some residual limescale left over from the boiling water on the plate, this may look like thin white stripes at the edges of where you cleaned. You can very simply use an anti-limescale product or white vinegar on this to get rid of it. Your plate should now be perfectly clean enough to use.


Finishing Products


There are two kinds of products that are specifically for the plancha. Gel products that are to be used at a high temperature of 150 degrees. Leave them to work for a few seconds before wiping them off. These products are very highly corrosive alkalis so it is important to take sensible precautions and protect your eyes, hands and lungs when using them.

The second product is a degreaser, the brand does not matter. When using degreaser it is important to make sure that there are no other projects currently on your worktop. This is because it creates a fog of up to 1 square metre, even if you can’t see it. These can safely be used at temperatures below 80 degrees without damaging the surface.

Your plate should now be perfectly clean and shiny, ready to use again! It is so important to follow these steps and degrease your plate properly.

This last cleaning method is not suitable for cast iron plate because of its porous nature. If you use detergent then the product can fall into crevices and expand inside the plate. This will cause your cast iron plate to rust and maybe even fall apart.



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