Cooker cooler infographic to understand how works the CR250

With this cooker cooler infographic you will immediately understand the benefits of this equipment!

Let the Capic CR250 professional pasta cooker handle the full process of pasta preparation for you – from start to finish! This industrial cook chill machine is perfect for pasta, rice, quinoa, seafood, vegetables, blanching and more. Our multicooker is so efficient that you can even cook notoriously difficult dishes without any issues. Its revolutionary automated system guarantees consistent and streamlined performance every time. Our range of cooker chillers have a high production capacity, and are especially adapted to the needs of the food processing industries.


With this cooker cooler infographic you will immediately understand the benefits of this equipment

Cooker cooler infographic



Process: How Does it Work?


Integrated Cooking Programs

Step 1: Complete Cooking Programming

The pasta cooker is controlled via a digital touchscreen interface requiring minimal effort from you. You simply enter your desired settings and the program will automatically control all cooking, cooling and timers. Once you have set your recipe and launch your program, the cook chill machine will automatically start filling the two tanks with water and monitor the tank filling.


Step 2: Load Your Product into Your Cooker

Deposit your required amount of product into the first tank, which contains water heated to a predetermined temperature. Then the system automatically cooks the product for a specified time period. The cook quench machine will then cool down the pasta, so as to prevent overcooking.


Step 3: Overturn into Cooling Capacity

At the end of the timer, an audible signal alerts you that your pasta is cooked. You can then commence the automatic tilting of the basket by pressing the buttons. The product is then transferred into the cooling tank containing cold (or ambient) water for a predetermined time to take the bulk heat out of the product and stop further cooking of the product.


Step 4: Reload + Step 6 ‘Repeat’

Reload the cooking tank with your next batch of product. The operator can use the same tank of water from the first batch; there is no need to drain, add or reheat water for the new batch. You can use the same water for 6 to 7 cycles before draining. You thus save massively on water and energy costs.


Step 5: Unload into Receiving Container

Lastly, the operator only needs to unload the final product into a trolley using the tilting basket mechanism.


You can select the type of heating technology you want: electric or steam.

Electric Heating

Our industrial cooker is equipped with electrical resistance and conductance that ensures homogeneous cooking at an accurate heating temperature.


Steam Heating

Our distribution system works with your steam network to raise the temperature smoothly, uniformly and rapidly, facilitating even heating of your products.


Main Features:


  • Control by digital interface on appliance or wall mounted
  • Sturdy stainless steel construction
  • Electric tilting of baskets
  • Cooling tank with manual or automatic drainage valve


You can now take advantage of top-quality industrial catering equipment with the Capic CR250 cook chill machine. Since product handling is extremely reduced, the amount of labour and workload, as well as exposure to hot products becomes greatly minimised. As a result, the risk of accidents due to human error is drastically cut down. Our exceptional level of manufacturing and quality materials translates into the highest hygiene standards. In addition, the system requires minimal time for commissioning which means less maintenance and repair. Ultimately you save significantly on water, time and energy overhead costs.


Back since 1955 when Capic was first established, professionals have trusted our expertise and commitment to the industrial catering sector. We pride ourselves on designing and producing the best commercial kitchen equipment that is available. Not only restaurants and caterers can benefit thoroughly from our machinery, but any service that utilises the concept of ready-made meals that are packed and then distributed. Our clientele consists of large-scale food companies and central kitchens that prepare multiple meals per day. Our industrial cooker ensures constant product quality, facilitates speed and safety of work cycles, and optimum management of human resources. The CR250 cook quench machine is a very profitable investment, and will contribute significantly to any catering company’s sustainable development.


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