What is BIM?


BIM (Building Information Modelling = Modelling of Building Data) is a globally standardised approach that involves all stakeholders in the design, construction and operation of a building and its infrastructure, up to deconstruction and recycling of its materials.


This new information system allows all construction stakeholders (client, architect, design office, construction companies, suppliers, etc.) to collaborate around a shared digital model, in which we will find not only the 2D and 3D plans but also a technical-commercial database accompanying each piece of equipment.


The architect or design office centralises this digital model by asking each participant to communicate their elements in a specific computer file. Thanks to BIM, which makes the different software used by each trade compatible, we will ultimately have a single file that will allow automated statistical analyses to be carried out. We can thus perform energy simulations, structural calculations, conflict detection, visualisations and checks on compliance with standards or budget. Furthermore, this will allow early detection of problems before construction starts, thanks to the better quality of the initial design.


As a manufacturer, CAPIC is already BIM-ready (= ready for BIM) for all its products in the 800, 900 and Pilot range, i.e. more than 700 products that have been modelled and provided with technical data.

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