The Custom Stove : Elite


Cooking Suite

A star in your kitchen.

An ELITE tailor-made cooking suite is always a unique piece.

You design your stove the way you want. With the different possibilities

An Elite is the result of a common work between the Chef, the broker, and Capic to develop the stove according to your Menu and the way you work.

Single piece top and independent base unit with a 30/10 top stainless steel, Capic quality and reliability make of this exceptionnal stove an excellent investment.

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The Custom Stove : Elite



  • Top : neutral, open burners, solid top, griddle, plancha, bain-marie, radiant or induction hobs, wok, fryer, pasta cooker, hot top, tray, …
  • Base unit : oven, Hot cupboard, open or closed cupboard, sliding drawers and heating sliding drawers, bottle drawers, refrigerated cupboard , …
  • And you may add : central shelf, infra-red heater, hot/cold water supply, water column, mixing bol, front rail, electric outlet, salamander, …


Should you need any specific equipment, please do not hesitate to ask.

And if you want to choose the layout, please note everything is allowed, as far as possible !



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