Plasma Bratt Pan


Kettle / Bratt pan

Only 4 minutes to go up to 200°C

Speed and significant efficiency of cooking with limited energy consumption

Capic patented a new electrical heating body with very high performance.

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Plasma Bratt Pan

Main Features

  • Tilting by electric jack.
  • Draining of tank at 340mm from the floor.
  • Heating power : 22.8kW.
  • Heating by large exchange surface elements.
  • Time of temperature rise from 20 to 200°C on the tank base: 4 minutes.
  • Tank depth : 250mm, capacity : 2 GN1/1 trays, usable volume : 110 litres.
  • Heat diffusing bottom.
  • Multipurpose function with temperature control of the tank base and product.
  • Regulation by core probe.
  • Control by colour touch-screen on a console.
  • Programmed recipes.
  • HACCP compatible.
  • Retractable handspray.
  • Double skinned lid with peripheral seal, controlled by electric jack, can be opened manually in case of power outage.
  • Basket lifting function.
  • Timer with delayed start.
  • Possible to install the equipment canti-levered or on feet.
  • Top of the motor housing in 3mm thickness stainless steel.
  • Space between the floor and the pouring lid (when tilted) : 450mm.

Strong points

Perfect hygiene
Ease of maintenance
Digital Interface

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