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Our Company

  • A production site of 16,000m²
  • 163 employees: specialists in sheet metal, welding, gas, electronics …
  • 800 tons of stainless steel used per year

Our Customers

We design, develop and manufacture in France all our high quality equipment for :


The Plancha Plasma



Control command card



4 zones under infrared camera



Comparative reactivity


Regulation in Production





Investment Costs



Economics benefits : Plasma / Electric or Induction


  • Energy economy: – 485€/year compare to Electric standard plancha
  • Time economy: – 759€/year compare to Electric standard plancha
  • Cleaning product economy: – 345€/year comparte to Electric standard plancha

(use 300 days / year)

  • Functional costs identical to induction
  • Return on investment : 3 Years compare to Electric standard plancha


After Sale Service : Plasma / Electric or Induction

  • Components known and mastered by CAPIC
    • Delevery spare parts from 24 to 48H.
    • Interchangeable card
    • Plasma component use in bratt pans since 2015
  • Easy Access
    • all components are accessible from the front or the top of the tilting plate assisted by 2 jacks




  • Versatile plate for direct cooking or in small pans
  • 4 independents heating areas
  • Preheating: 20 to 200 °C in less than 6 minutes
  • Fast cleaning during and after the service
  • The best quality-technology-price ratio
  • Reduced and speed of intervention (Component cost, technical access, spare parts)




De-icing and scraping: 1mn
End of service cleaning: 7mn


  • Waste basket extractable from above
  • Large gully with plug Diam 40
  • Direct drain to the networks.
  • Sealing seal
  • Solid DUPLEX plate: use scrob pads
  • or stainless steel cleaning ball
  • “H” on font panel indicates a temperature above 80°C
    • –warned users.
    • –Limit the use of cleaning products on inappropriate temperature
  • Authorized use of foam and jet


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